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Read a recap of a cultural exchange program with the Indonesian dance ensemble Tari Aceh, organized by Asia Society as part of the Creative Voices of Muslim Asia initiative.
Grammy-winner Daniel Ho and the Taiwu Children's Ancient Ballads Troupe performed music from their collaboration, To & From the Heart.
Exploring Dance from Aceh, Indonesia
Grammy Award-winning musician Daniel Ho shares about his musical journey.
1979 tour sponsored by Asia Society.
Watch a full program featuring Myanmar's celebrated troupe Shwe Man Thabin.
Connecting classical performance traditions across cultures
"Music and Dance from Myanmar" nominated for outstanding performance of the year.
Each week, we'll reach into Asia Society's archives to find a photo from the organization's nearly 60-year history. This week: one of Asia Society's earliest cultural performances.
Packed houses visited Asia Society to celebrate the inaugural world premiere production, Tsuru.
The Burmese National Theater makes a historic visit.
Ballet dancer Nao Kusuzaki enlightens about her creative path and her artistic aspirations.
An interview with Summer Haiyan Song and Vanessa Alonzo
Traditional ballet meets new movement and music in this world premiere production.
New York Times: "...audience members lingered in their seats, dazed."
Myanmar’s ‘zat pwe’ is a performance form with music, dance, and theater.
Khmer American rapper praCh (Prach Ly) reflects on his journey.
Vijay Ayer discussed his new album on the Charlie Rose Show.

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