Tim Tebow, American sport hero born in Philippines , will help raise a hospital in Southern Davao .


America’s new hottest sports hero, who was born in the Philippines, will help pay for a hospital for children in the country. The hospital will be located in Southern Davao . According to the US-based charity, CURE, it costs 3 million US dollars and it would have 30-bed facility that will be open in mid-2013.
Curing bone disease and injuries are to be specialized by the Tebow CURE hospital. The hospital will also build a “Timmy’s Playroom” that will be used to undergo a surgery for children. They plan to build playrooms in all children’s hospital around the world and Davao will be the first location to have this.
Tebow’s parents were missionaries. He was born in Manila in 1987.
"I've always had a a special place in my heart for the country in which I was born and I'm very excited about this project," Tebow said. He also added that the hospital will save and change thousand of children’s lives.
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