Executive Roundtable with Paul Heer

Paul Heer, former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia and author of the new book Mr. X and the Pacific: George F. Kennan and American Policy in East Asia, joined Asia Society Northern California's President's Circle Members to discuss his new book. American diplomat George F. Kennan is well-known as the intellectual author of the doctrine of containment of the Soviet Union. Lesser known is his profoundly influential role in US policy towards East Asia during the early Cold War period. Heer spoke about how Kennan would apply his containment doctrine in East Asia today and also shared his own assessment of current US-China relations. The discussion was moderated by Asia Society Northern California board member Tom Gold

Paul Heer:

Dr. Paul Heer is an adjunct professor at The George Washington University. A career officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, he retired in 2015 after serving as the National Intelligence Officer for East Asia (2007-2015) in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He is a recipient of the CIA's Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the DNI's National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal.   

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