CAAMFest 2018: A Little Wisdom


Co-presented by ASNC

A Little Wisdom

Still from "A Little Wisdom." Directed by Yuqi Kang. 

In A LITTLE WISDOM, director Yuqi Kang patiently shadows two brothers, 6-year-old Hopakuli and older brother Chorten, inside a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Lumbini, Nepal — the birthplace of the Buddha. Kang, originally from Inner Mongolia, China, allows space for the tiniest detail of the children’s daily routine, perhaps in an attempt to demystify the life of novices. The film hypnotizes the audience with its unhurried flow and immersive soundscapes that cushion the boys’ world. The youngest, Hopakuli, endears with his playful imagination while his brother Chorten boils with angst when they are together. In A LITTLE WISDOM, the monks and the monastery provide a framework for this portrait of youth wrapped in religion. Like the wild monkeys that find their way onto the monastery grounds, the novices sometimes seem unfit for their spiritual surroundings but eventually they too find their own path. Kang’s feature directorial debut is infused with her earlier experimental filmmaking sensibilities, providing an emotional depth that touches the viewer effortlessly.

— Sapana Sakya

Director: Yuqi Kang
Producers: Yuqi Kang, Maro Chermayeff, Amitabh Joshi, Riga Shakya
Cinematographer: Yuqi Kang, Amitabh Joshi, Paola Ochoa
Editor: Yuqi Kang
Cast: Richen Sherpa, Chorten Sherpa, Sherpa Wangchuk

Event Details

Tue 22 May 2018
8:30 - 10 p.m.

Piedmont Theatre
4186 Piedmont Ave 
Oakland, CA 94611

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$14 general, $13 for students/seniors
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