Asia Revealed: Asia Society Treks with WildChina

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Asia Revealed seeks to give exclusive insights into local cultures through a network of experts and uniquely qualified guides from both WildChina and Asia Society. Each journey will involve a high-level expert intimately familiar with the local culture and region, with location-specific lectures and site visits off the beaten path. These trips, open to Asia Society members, will give incredible insights into the history, food, and culture of distinct regions, including stops along the Ancient Tea Road, the Silk Road, and Central Asia.

Accompanying every trek, Asia Society Northern California will be hosting public events with the expert guides, including book signings, dinners, and tea tastings for Asia Society Members.

Asia Revealed SXSE

South By South East with Georgia FreedmanMarch 2019

The Mekong river flows though Yunnan Province of China and then cuts into the lush jungles of Southeast Asia. Life along the river, across national borders of China and Laos, is both similar and yet very different. Both sides of the border are abundant in lush plant life and are home to a number of ethnic groups with their own languages and traditions; but nowadays, China side is buzzing with development, new roads and bridges seem to go up overnight, while Laos stays deeply rooted in its Buddhist traditions and quiet way of living. This trip explores the differences and similarities across the border.


Asia Revealed Central Asia

A Culinary Journey through Central Asia with Anissa Helou: June 2019

A once in a lifetime culinary journey taking you through Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan from Kasgar, with the award winning cook book writer Anissa Helou. Being the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, this region has been mysterious to many. Join us, be inspired and amazed by the rich culture and history, and as importantly by the diverse local cuisines along the Silk Road. You will learn how the cooking in Central Asia reflects the local culture, climate and geography; discover its commonality BENEATH the surface and trace its roots to ancient days. 


Asia Revealed Silk Road

An Archaeological Journey along the Ancient Silk Road with Ye Wa: September 2019

Archaeology is not only about the past, but the present as well. Through material remains, we gain knowledge of the past which may or may not be recorded in documents. Lead by Dr. Ye Wa, this trip will focus on current archaeological and conservation work of Chinese archaeologists and conservators along the ancient Silk Road. Starting from China’s ancient capital in Xi’an, the trip will cover a key group of UNESCO World heritage sites, including the Terra Cotta Museum, the Yangling Mausoleum, a Neolithic site near Xi’an, and the cave temples of Maijishan, Binglingsi, and Dunhuang.


Asia Revealed Tea & Horse Road

The Ancient Tea & Horse Road with Jeff FuchsNovember 2019

The world drinks over 6 million cups of tea everyday but beyond our obsession and the fine china, how much do you know about the beverage's 2,000 year history? Follow the trail back to its roots on this journey, led by tea expert Jeff Fuchs, along tea’s most ancient trade roads. From the raw and unadulterated tea culture born in subtropical Xishuangbanna to the fragrant Tibetan beverages of fabled Shangri-la, discover how tea has woven itself into the historical fabric of the three-dozen cultures found along its pathway to Tibet.