Meeting History and Agendas


Global Cities Education Network (GCEN) members gather annually for a dynamic, three-day learning experience that includes school site visits, collaborative exchanges, and presentations from experts, with a focus on issues identified by the cities and facilitated by those on the cutting edge of practice and policy. Seven symposia have been held: Hong Kong in May 2012, Seattle in January 2013, Singapore in October 2013, Toronto in October 2014, Shanghai in November 2015, London in November 2016, and Denver in November 2017.

Working Groups

In between meetings and building off the cities agreed-upon areas of focus, the network has engaged in studies and formed working groups around the topics of:

  1. Developing and sustaining a high-quality teaching force;
  2. Career and technical education (CTE/VET); and
  3. Developing 21st century competencies.

Starting in 2014, the working groups are utilizing Asia Society-created case studies and background materials to participate in expert-led workshops. Within these working groups, cities will strive to collaboratively transform best practice discussion into policy and practice change.

Developing and Sustaining a High-Quality Teaching Force

Career and Technical Education

Developing 21st Century Competencies

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