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Read case studies of successful programs and classes, in school, out of school, and around the community!

Case Studies

The Glastonbury Public Schools' Foreign Language Program in Connecticut has been in existence for almost 60 years and serves students in grades P-12. The program is in one of the first cohorts to be recognized as a Confucius Classroom.
North Carolina has seen significant growth in the number of Chinese language classes offered in grades K-12, in immersion and other classes, face to face and online. A number of collaborative initiatives contribute to this growth.
Research shows that learning a second language as a young child provides lifelong benefits.
Meet Yiyu Liu's Grade 6 Chinese class at Medfield Public Schools in Medfield, Massachusetts.
The American cities of New York, Denver, and Seattle, as well as the Asian cities of Singapore, Hiroshima, Shanghai, and Seoul, share their strategies and challenges in integrating 21st-century competencies into their school systems.
Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School is the only public elementary school in Washington, DC, to offer Mandarin Chinese language immersion. Yu Ying provides tuition-free, high-quality education to 551 students in grades pre-K–5.


Chunman Xie teaches her class.
Chinese language teacher Chunman Xie demonstrates how to identify food items, select healthy food, and express opinions in Chinese.
Grace Pei's Grades 9-10 Novice-High to Intermediate-Low Chinese Class — 'Asking for and giving directions'
Chinese language teacher Grace Pei demonstrates how to teach a common skill such as asking for directions by guiding students step by step to learn and practice new language skills in context.
Chinese language teacher Catherine Zhong works with her students during a class exercise.
A teacher embeds language learning into well-connected and highly interactive learning experiences.
Guo Ruijian's Elementary School Novice-Mid Chinese Class in North Carolina
Chinese language teacher Guo Ruijian helps her students discuss buying fruit in Mandarin.
Shwu-fen Lin's High School Intermediate-Mid Chinese Class in New Jersey
Meet Shwu-fen Lin, a Chinese language teacher at a New Jersey high school, as she helps her students practice key structures through active learning in Mandarin.
Yan Wang's Elementary Novice-Mid Chinese Class in Kentucky
Meet Yan Wang, a Chinese language teacher at a Kentucky elementary school, as she helps her students practice reading characters in Mandarin.

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