Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network

CELIN @ Asia Society

As part of Asia Society’s ongoing work to promote the development of Chinese in U.S. schools, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network at Asia Society (CELIN @ Asia Society).

Our Mission

The Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network @Asia Society (CELIN) was established with a mission to support the growth and sustainability of Chinese early language and immersion programs across the United States, to ensure that students have opportunities to develop high-level multilingual and intercultural competency for advanced study and work in an interconnected world, and that teachers and programs have the expertise and resources to help students achieve this goal.


CELIN activities and resources include:

  • Collaborating with leaders and programs in the field to organize regional forums or workshops and present at conferences
  • Publishing CELIN Briefs, in English and Chinese, on critical topics in Chinese language education
  • Publishing profiles of excellent Chinese language immersion programs across the country, serving students from Pre-K through high school
  • Making available resources that educators and parents can use to increase their knowledge and skills
  • Maintaining online directories of Chinese early language and immersion programs for students and professional development programs for teachers
  • Sharing information and resources for stakeholders in Asia Society’s monthly newsletter, Chinese Language Matters

An advisory committee of national leaders in the field of Chinese language, world languages, language immersion, and early childhood education provides guidance to our work.


Stay in touch with the work of CELIN through Asia Society's monthly newsletter, "Chinese Language Matters." If you have resources and opportunities to share, or ideas for resources articles, please write to