Preventing Conflict

Hassan Rouhani and Josette Sheeran

Asia Society President Josette Sheeran (R) interviews Iranian president Hassan Rouhani during his historic visit to New York in 2013. (Kenji Takigami)

Uncertainty. Mistrust. Instability. The world needs an organization like Asia Society more now than ever before. Again and again, we bring the right people to the table to tackle the critical problems facing the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large, building bridges of understanding between East and West in increasingly turbulent times. Our experts are right now working with governments and other relevant stakeholders on key policy issues like sustainability, prosperity, and arguably the biggest challenge of our generation — accepting the rise of Asia into the world without war or conflict. Help us continue with this vitally important work.

Campaign Priorities

Tackling the major policy challenges now confronting the Asia-Pacific.
Examining the most important bilateral relationship of our time.

“The Asia Society has made important efforts to enhance friendship and cooperation between the peoples of China and the United States over the years.”

President, People's Republic of China