Center for Global Education

Students at and Asia Society Global Cities Education Network school in London

Students at Mulberry School for Girls in London. (Philip Meech/Asia Society)

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society partners with education leaders and institutions from the U.S., Asia, and around the world to tackle one of the most critical challenges today: how to educate the next generation for employability and citizenship in a global era. Our mission is to develop globally competent educators and students as the foundation for understanding between people in the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world. In partnership with UNESCO and OECD, we advance UN Sustainable Development Goal target 4.7 by helping education systems and educators prepare students to be ready for the global 21st Century.

Your support will allow the Center for Global Education to:

  • Expand our school and school system partnerships to produce globally competent youth across the United States and Asia and bring on new partners globally.
  • Develop and scale a groundbreaking online teacher training program in partnership with ministries of education in Asia and around the world.
  • Convene high-level education, business, and government leaders and produce seminal research linking youth global competence, workplace readiness, and civic responsibility.