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Symposium / Northern California
Presidential Contests and Peace in the Pacific: Implications of the 2012 Taiwan Election and Leadership Challenges in China and the United States
Discussion / New York
Leading designers and art experts explain what makes Hong Kong an ideal location for nurturing creativity and promoting cultural exchange.
Film / New York
In this extremely private documentary, filmmaker Hara Kazuo follows his ex-wife to Okinawa in order to stay connected with her.
Film / Hong Kong
An intimate insider's look at students and masters living in scattered retreats dotting China's Zhongnan Mountain range.
Briefing / Hong Kong
Joseph Fuller, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of global consultancy, Monitor Group, will discuss potential outcomes and the most important strategic, competitive and financial ramifications for Asia.
Film / Hong Kong
Documentary featuring the life of celebrated Tang dynasty Chinese monk Xuanzang who traveled to India and brought back essential Buddhist texts and teachings.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
Author Patricia Lim will reveal how she came to map and record all the graves in the cemetery at Happy Valley.
Meet the Author / New York
On the eve of Burma's free elections, a new biography of Nobel prize-winning democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi.
Briefing / Northern California
In a talk moderated by John S. Wadsworth, Dr. Nicholas Lardy will explain the reforms China must undertake in order to sustain its world-beating growth performance.
Discussion / New York
Presentation on the outcomes of the Indian Economic Survey and Union Budget, as well as prospects of the Indian economy in 2012.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Jansen Chan will be joined by architect and restaurateur Frank Sun at an exclusive dinner to discuss their passions for food and architecture, and how the two merge to create magical sweet delights.
Meet the Author / New York
Leading Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid takes a critical look at the deteriorating U.S.-Pakistan relationship.