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Film / Hong Kong
Directed by Naoko Ogigami, 109 mins. / Japan/ In English with no subtitles / 2010
Performance / Texas
Busan Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra performs both traditional Korean music and contemporary work by some of the country’s leading composers.
Lecture / Northern California
As a part of the Shorenstein APARC Seminar Series at Stanford, Gordon Liu will discuss progress and prospects from these reforms within the context of China's 2012 leadership transition.
Special Event / Australia
As a guest of the government, Thailand's PM is visiting Australia in conjunction with celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations between Australia and Thailand.
Discussion / India
Kiran Karnik, Ashok Advani, Subir Gokarn and Patrick Foulis will look at how organizations can collaborate to boost regional and industry dominance, and how these corporate stories shape a country's growth trajectory.
Special Event / Hong Kong
The Morgan Stanley-Asia Society Family Day Series takes participants into an immersive afternoon in Thai culture.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
Luncheon presentation by Tom Plate will focus on a pattern of need-based leadership in such countries as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Meet the Author / New York
Ian Bremmer is joined by Susan Shirk in discussion on the implications of a "G-Zero" world.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Why do land issues represent one of the greatest challenges to sustainable economic growth and social stability in China?
Briefing / Australia
This program is part of the Credit Suisse - Asia Society Sustainability Series
Discussion / Hong Kong
Breakfast discussion with Robert Thomson, Editor-in-Chief, Dow Jones and Managing Editor of the The Wall Street Journal.
Film / New York
Featuring the latest and most exciting short films from Down Under, the annual program returns with award-winning shorts.