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Film / New York
An elderly woman shuffles around the neighborhood grocery store where she works, attending to the mundane tasks of shopkeeping.
Film / New York
The father of two, Luo originally became a coal miner to pay off the fine for violating China's one child policy.
Discussion / India
Bring your family for a fanciful afternoon of travel through Asia through the gift of storytelling.
Discussion / New York
Activist and author Arundhati Roy discusses the ongoing tragic situation in Kashmir with writer and critic Pankaj Mishra.
Special Event / New York

Add a dash of culture to your network, expand your circle and connect with new peers at Asia Society's Leo Bar.

Special Event / New York
It's time for the US administration under Obama to re-engage with East Asia.
Conference / Southern California
A full day of panel discussions and exhibits will feature some of the leading names in Japanese and American business and policy.
Briefing / Australia
Boardroom Breakfast Briefing with Sir Rod Eddington President, Australia-Japan Business Cooperation Committee
Discussion / India
Join us for a discussion on how a better understanding of poverty can reshape policies and business models to improve their impact.
Meet the Author / Northern California

Once described by Mao Zedong as a “needle inside a ball of cotton,” Deng was the driving force behind China’s radical transformation in the late 20th century.

Conference / Northern California
U.S. and Chinese legal and business experts in the biotech space will discuss how to protect intellectual property.
Performance / New York
Water Is Rising harnesses the power of performance art in an impassioned plea for global awareness and social change.