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2011: Asia's Year in Review

Asia Society experts and fellows look back on noteworthy events and trends from the past year, and look forward to what they might mean for 2012. Check back for daily updates into the new year.

2011: On the U.S. Campaign Trail, a Deficit of Diplomacy

Policy Fire and brimstone foreign policy rhetoric may play well for some on the campaign trail, but such talk is dangerous, writes Debra Eisenman.
December 26th by Debra Eisenman |

2011: Year-End Reflections on America's Strategic 'Pivot'

Policy New configurations don't have to be a zero-sum game in which America loses because China and India rise, writes Vishakha Desai.
December 26th by Vishakha N. Desai |

2011: Will Japan's Leaders Squander Post-Disaster Goodwill?

Policy The world may admire Japan's resolve, but unless the country's leaders get their act together "it’s hard to see a bright future," writes Ayako Doi.
December 23rd by Ayako Doi |

2011: Five Big China Stories (That Didn't Happen in China)

Policy It is crucial not to overlook things that happen elsewhere that change the state of play within Chinese political life, writes Jeffrey Wasserstrom.
December 22nd by Jeffrey Wasserstrom |

2012: The Year Mandarin Chinese Becomes a 'Commonly Taught Language'?

Education U.S. schools are beginning to see the value in teaching the world's most commonly spoken language. And hopefully the reasons are not just economic, writes Chris Livaccari.
December 22nd by Chris Livaccari |

Vishakha Desai: Will Asia Be One?

Policy A century after leading intellectuals first articulated a notion of Asian identity, it has the potential to become true.
December 22nd by Vishakha N. Desai |

2011: Google Zeitgeist, How Asia Searched the World

Lifestyle The internet giant released its annual survey of popular global search terms. Find out what people and events ranked highest in China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and more.
December 21st by Shreeya Sinha |

2011: Five Pakistani Cultural Events You Might Have Missed

Arts Documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy offers a rundown of major cultural events in Pakistan over the past twelve months.
December 21st by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy |

2011: A Return to Roots? Lessons From This Year's US Engagement in Asia

Policy In 2011, the Obama administration learned to love the twin pillars of postwar American Asia policy — free trade and a network of strong bilateral security pacts — all over again, writes John Ciorciari.
December 21st by John Ciorciari |

2011: Three Big Stories Out of India You'll Hear More About in 2012

Policy Corruption, agricultural woes and nuclear power will continue to roil India's body politic in the year ahead, according to Mira Kamdar.
December 20th by Mira Kamdar |