Walking With a Giant: Chairman of the Asia Society Texas Center talks about his friend Yao Ming

Yao Ming receives an award from Charles C. Foster, Chairman of the Asia Society Texas Center, at the Texas Center's annual Tiger Ball in Houston in 2010. (Jeff Fantich Photography)

Charles C. Foster, Chairman of the Asia Society Texas Center, shared some stories of his friend Yao Ming, the professional basketball star who recently announced his retirement from the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

Foster acknowledged Yao’s tremendous contribution in the US-China relations on a grassroots level, especially in bringing NBA culture to the Chinese public. In terms of personal communications, Foster was impressed with Yao’s family value, diligence, popularity and personality. In one of his stories, Foster shared with us an interesting anecdote about Chinese President Jiang’s photo with Yao during a diplomatic visit to Texas.

Yao made much effort in the field of philanthropy as well as in professional basketball. Through the Yao Ming Foundation, Yao made a significant contribution to the capital campaign for the new home of the Asia Society Texas Center, which will be dedicated on April 12, 2012.

Foster believed that as Yao’s sports activities and philanthropic work continued after the retirement from NBA, he would keep acting as an important liaison and symbol of the US-China bilateral relations. “ It is hard to imagine that there will be another Yao Ming, or that we could envision the future without Yao Ming”, said Foster.

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