Stuff Asians Like

Gizmodo recently posted a fascinating article titled "The Real 'Stuff White People Like.'" An obvious riff on the wildly popular blog and book Stuff White People Like, the article sought to investigate the racially specific interests of self-described whites, African Americans, Asians, Latinos and so on. To do so, they sorted through thousands of profiles on Ok Cupid, a popular dating site, and found interests that correlated strongly with one particular racial group. One obvious caveat is that the sample is a unique group -- dating site users -- and their described interests may be written to attract potential partners, not what they really like.

Caveats aside, the article turned up some fascinating statistics. For example, the phrase "I am cool" was used frequently among African American men, Latino men often described themselves as "funny," and Asians tended to describe themselves as "simple."

Of course, the most commonly stated interests of specific racial groups aren't necessarily accurate -- I'm white, and I don't feel any attraction to Van Halen, the second-most-popular phrase (after Tom Clancy) specific to white men.

To read Gizmodo's article, click here.