Made in China 2025: The Policy Behind the Rhetoric

Our one-day conference, Made in China 2025: The Policy Behind the Rhetoric, held at Stanford University on January 15th, 2019 brought together policy experts, technologists, and business leaders together to discuss China's Made in China 2025 industrial policy. The conference featured engaging discussion from bright-minded speakers and members of the audience and paved the way for a refined discourse on Chinese industrial policy and its impacts at home and abroad.

PBS Frontline's ‘Trump’s Trade War’ also featured six of our speakers, watch here.

Speaker presentations are available on the upper-right hand side of the webpage, and videos of the conference are available below.

Speakers included:

Wendy Cutler, Vice President, Asia Society Policy Institute and former Acting Deputy USTR
James McGregor, APCO Worldwide
James Mendenhall, Sidley Austin LLP, former General Counsel of USTR
Jack Wadsworth, Honorary Chairman of the Board and Chairman Emeritus, Asia Society Northern California, Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley
Elizabeth Economy, C. V. Starr Senior Fellow, and Director for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Visiting Fellow at Hoover Institution

Global Perspectives
Max Zenglein, Senior Economist, MERICS
Mary Kay Magistad, UC Berkeley School of Journalism, former East Asia correspondent for NPR and PRI

Intellectual Property: Market Access for Technology 
Mark Cohen, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology
Yabo Lin, Partner, M&A, Sidley Austin LLP
Damon Matteo, CEO, Fulcrum Strategy

Artificial Intelligence
Matt Sheehan, Non-resident Fellow, The Paulson Institute
Sho Guo, VP of Marketing & Partnerships, ObEN, Inc

The New Made in China: From Hardware to Biotech
Dan Wang, Technology Analyst, Gavekal Dragonomics
Chuck Ng, founding President & CMO of Project PAI, venture partner at WI Harper
Yongwei Zhang, BGI Research
Greg Fisher, Founder/CEO, Berkeley Sourcing Group
Jack McCauley, Co-Founder, Oculus

Watch Wendy Cutler, Framing the Discussion (36 min., 9 sec.)

Watch Max Zenglein and Mary Kay Magistad, Global Perspectives, (49 min., 54 sec)

Watch Mark Cohen, Yabo Lin and Damon Matteo, Intellectual Property: Market Access for Technology (49 min., 49 sec.)

Watch James McGregor and James Mendenhall's Fireside Chat (38 Min., 15 sec.)

Watch Matt Sheehan and Sho Guo, Artificial Intelligence, (42 min., 8 sec.)

Watch Dan Wang, Chuck Ng, Jack McCauley, Yongwei Zhang and Greg Fisher,  The 
New Made in China: From Hardware to Biotech (47 min., 10 sec.)

Watch Elizabeth Economy and Mary Kay Magistad's Fireside Chat (28 min., 43 sec.)

Watch Jack Wadsorth's Closing Remarks (7 min., 45 sec.)