The Long Conversation

On Sunday, September 9, Asia Society Northern California hosted the Long Conversation in collaboration with the Long Now Foundation.

Thirteen experts from a variety of different fields, including climatology, journalism, energy policy, and U.S.-China relations, took the stage to converse with each other in front of a live audience. The Long Conversation's unique relay rotation format—Speaker A interviews Speaker B for 15 minutes, after which Speaker A leaves and is replaced by Speaker C, while Speaker B now becomes the interviewer and asks Speaker C questions—ensured fast-moving, informative and entertaining conversations over a three-hour period. With each individual conversation comprising of two experts with different backgrounds, there was a diversity of thought as well as points of convergence, with discussions touching on China's energy policy and its relationship to environmental activism, the future of artificial intelligence and what that means for the planet, as well as the necessity of educating leaders on thinking long-term.  

The Long Conversation was held at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture in San Francisco. The event was part of the U.S.-premiere of Coal + Ice, a month-long exhibition and climate action festival shedding insight on the various aspects surrounding climate change and its impact on the world.

COAL + ICE continues in San Francisco until Sunday, September 23. To find more events, please click here.

Watch complete footage of The Long Conversation at COAL + ICE! (3 hr., 20 min).