Building China's Urban Future a Success!

ASNC co-hosted an event addressing the urban future of China (Asia Society)

By Arthur Chow

On Wednesday March 21 the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-SF) and the Asia Society Northern California (ASNC) were excited to collaborate on an event addressing the urban future of China. The ‘collaboration’ between the two organizations was very apropos seeing as how the key word of the night seemed to be collaboration.

With China’s recent economic and industrial boom, the region seemed to become a topic of concern in America, not because of conflicting ideologies and political systems, but simply because of the competition that challenged America’s position in the world.The potential for growth in China seems to be ominously apparent to the United States and it has led us to an attitude of “us against them”. 

But our expert panel of the night, which included everyone from Assemblywoman Fiona Ma to AGI Capital CEO Alexis Wong, preached just the opposite. They purported that collaboration and cooperation was essential to the success of both nations. Antagonizing each other would only stagnate the economies and industries of both nations and become a barrier to success. The presenters, each from different fields and industries ranging from policy to technology, all agreed on the fact that the technological and financial opportunities that come from two cooperative superpowers are limitless.

We were happy to see so many of you at the event on Wednesday and we would to thank all of those that attended for making the event such a success! We had a ton of good eats donated from local restaurants and a packed house of attendees that came from all backgrounds. Hopefully the event was able to inspire some collaboration among all of you and we look forward to seeing you all at our future events!

And in case you missed it, here are some photos of the event courtesy of Duy Ho Photography!