Asia Society Panel at Sundance Film Festival

Janet Yang

Janet Yang: Chair, U.S.-China Entertainment Summit, and Film Producer
Photo credit: Asia Society Southern California

“Broad Cast” News: How Crazy Rich Asians Changes the Game for Asian Talent

Wednesday, January 30, 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
Filmmaker Lodge, 550 Main St. (2nd Floor)

Panel description: History may record 2018 as the year Asian American and Asian talent went mainstream in Hollywood. The outsized success of Crazy Rich Asians has opened doors like never before—not just for Asian actors, but for Asian directors, producers, and other offscreen talent. Producer Janet Yang, who helped usher in this era with The Joy Luck Club, will host a conversation that explores the profound change in landscape and what it portends for Asians in independent and studio films.

Sundance panelists: 

Lulu Wang, Director, The Farewell
Justin Chon, Writer & Director, Ms. Purple
Richie Mehta, Writer & Director, Delhi Crime Stories
Anita Gou, Producer, The Farewell & Honey Boy

Presented by Asia Society Southern California, Asia Society Northern California, and Elkes Foundation

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