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Students care for and study the growth of edible plants. (USDA/Flickr)

Original Projects/Instructional Tasks

These globally focused projects, written by CTE educators and aligned to the Common Core by ELA, math, and science educators, can be used as standalone projects in one CTE classroom or can be combined by multiple CTE educators in a building. These projects are based around four themes and contain the lesson plans, assessment information, and auxiliary materials an educator needs for implementation. Listed below are the four themes and the projects contained in each (listed by cluster/pathway).

Food Security

Clean Energy: Solar or Wind

Women's Health


Additional projects and ideas

Links to other global projects:

Project Planning Template

Use this blank project planning template to plan your own global CTE project! (Can be used on your own, or in conjunction with Module 2 of the Global CTE PD Course).

Differentiation Resources

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