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Transforming 21st Century Education Systems (Complete)

NEW YORK, September 22, 2016 — The Center for Global Education (CGE) at Asia Society and the Global Business Coalition for Education co-host a discussion on how primary and secondary education can instill 21st-century skills and global citizenship in students. Sarah Brown, the Global Business Coalition for Education's executive chair and a CGE advisor, welcomed panelists to discusses the organization's vision and how to ensure these innovations reach all children and youth.

Participants in the in-depth conversation included Ju-Ho Lee, former minister of education, science, and technology, for the Republic of Korea, Anthony Jackson, vice president of education at Asia Society, Philip Regier, dean of Educational Initiatives at Arizona State University and CEO of EdPlus, Wendy Kopp, co-founder and CEO of Teach for All, Amrita Patwardhan, head of education at Tata Trusts, and Madhav Chavan, co-founder and CEO of Pratham. (1 hr., 4 min.)

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