Watch: Asia Society Curator Michelle Yun on 'Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot'

Nam June Paik (1932-2006) is internationally recognized as the "father of video art." Paik revolutionized technology's relationship to both art and society through his efforts to expand the boundaries of visual language.

The exhibition Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot will focus on the artist's interest in "humanizing technology and looking at how the artist melded technology, fine art, and popular culture to really transform the way we view the world," says curator Michelle Yun. This exhibition will not only showcase Paik's progress and developments as an artist, it will also feature many works that have rarely been seen in the United States.

Viewers will be able to experience an interactive and engaging display, as Paik intended. Yun states that "viewers will really get a glimpse into Nam June Paik's world and into his brain . . . to feel how dynamic and provocative he was."

Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot will be on view at Asia Society Museum in New York City from September 5, 2014, through January 4, 2015.

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