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Eko Nugroho and Wayang Bocor January 12–14, 2017

Eko Nugroho at Asia Society

New Report: 'Making a Museum in the 21st Century'

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 /  India
Community arts practitioners from India and Australia discuss the impact of the arts on local communities.
 /  India
Community arts practitioners from India and Australia come together to discuss the value of engaging with local communities through the arts.
The memoirist says that she feels more free in her second language.
Actor Dev Patel and musicians Wu Tong and Sonita Alizadeh were among the other honorees.
Writer and professor Michael Meyer suggests that an atmosphere of stress on U.S. campuses, among other factors, explain a diminished desire to go overseas.
In this episode, we hear the legendary action star talk candidly about his most famous scene — and other stunts he says he honestly thought might kill him. Some nearly did.
The famous collector and diplomat describes his experience in the contemporary Chinese art scene.
The Vietnamese-American author previously won a Pulitzer Prize for his debut novel "The Sympathizer."
FX Harsono describes how the experience of being ethnically Chinese during Indonesia's 1998 riots inspired his art.
Despite their documentary clocking in at 18 hours, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have encountered some critics who say it wasn't thorough enough.
The region's turbulent history has caused political art to flourish.
 /  Northern California
The acclaimed Kathak artist on her upcoming performance in The Forgotten Empress
The director discusses the experience of Abacus, a tiny New York bank indicted for its role in the financial crisis.
Thought provoking works by seven artists and one artist group from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam on view starting September 8, 2017
Asia Society Texas Center’s fifth year of ExploreAsia camps explored social issues in Asia, art and cultures of East Asia, Japanese manga (comics), art of the South Pacific, and dances of India and China.
An interview with the actor, writer, and director whose new film explores Korean-black relations during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
The photographer Charlie Xia showcases a rare, unique perspective on China's landscape.
Featuring more than 100 outstanding works of art, Wondrous Worlds: Art & Islam through Time & Place will showcase the long history, vast geographic expanse, and amazing diversity of works of art in the Islamic world.

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