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Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society is pleased to host the 40th annual Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF).
Jun 1-2: Celebrate emerging Japanese and Japanese American filmmakers.
A unique and delightful program that offers a chance for us to re-understand the Filipino culture.

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Catch screenings of cult classics and Disney animations this summer.
Asia Society and Jungles in Paris presented a special viewing of film and photography, bringing some of Asia's most interesting places to New York.
Gathering of Hollywood and Chinese film industry leaders will be held Nov. 1–2 at UCLA’s Luskin Conference Center
The Korean-raised actress, currently starring in The King and I on Broadway, discussed her passion for music, theater, and says why television makes her nervous.
The longtime media and cultural critic says that "pop culture is a step behind society, and brands are a step behind pop culture" in fomenting change.
Jun 2-3: Celebrate emerging Japanese and Japanese American filmmakers.
Actor George Takei called the mea culpa "a bland, corporate response."
How the centuries-old Noh tradition influenced directors like Akira Kurosawa.
Mar. 4-19: Stunning 35mm prints of Japanese film classics set during Japan’s Middle Ages and produced during the the country's golden age of cinema.
Asia Society presents a season of programming celebrating the exhibition 'Kamakura: Realism and Spirituality in the Sculpture of Japan.'
Asia Society Executive Vice President Tom Nagorski on what's on tap for Asia in the new year.
I am not Here tells the story of migrant domestic workers who leave their countries in search of security and to provide a life-line for their families back home.
I am not Here tells the story of migrant domestic workers who leave their countries in search of security.
The Iranian-born author, imprisoned in his native country for three months, explains why he documented his experience in a best-selling novel.
Filmmaker discusses documentaries on Agent Orange and nuclear issues.
Philippine film star Piolo Pascual will visit Asia Society’s New York headquarters on Friday, November 20. Pascual will tour Philippine Gold, Asia Society Museum’s critically acclaimed exhibition, and participate in a fan meet-and-greet.
The acclaimed Chinese director, who accepted a Lifetime Achievement award at the U.S-China Film Summit, painted a bright picture of the future of Sino-American collaboration.

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