A man wearing a red knit sweater sits in front of a table displaying various prints and artwork.

Photograph by Stephanie Neumann

Photograph by Stephanie Neumann

Talking Dreams: A Conversation With Song-Ming Ang

Talking Dreams visited Germany — virtually — in the most recent conversation, between Berlin-based Triennial artist Song-Ming Ang and Asia Society Executive Director of Global Artistic Programs Ken Tan. The two spoke about art, music, and community before going on a tour of Ang's meticulous studio. We wrapped things up with an impromptu concert on one of the modular synths that Ang works on as part of his artistic practice. 

Born in Singapore, Song-Ming Ang currently lives and works in Berlin. In 2019, he represented Singapore at the 58th Venice Biennale. His work Music for Everyone: Variations on a Theme explored the myriad ways people relate to music on a personal and societal level, and how music can give its listeners a sense of agency. His work will be on view during Part 2 of the Triennial, from March 16, 2021 through June 27, 2021 at Asia Society Museum.

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Song-Ming Ang

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