Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote deeper understanding, engagement and collaboration among the people, leaders and institutions of Southern California and Asia.


Across the fields of arts, business, culture, education and policy, Asia Society Southern California provides insight and fosters discussion to build partnerships that address current challenges, develop opportunities and shape a shared future. Asia Society Southern California:

  • Convenes: We bring together business, government, academic and cultural leaders for high-quality programs on topics of shared importance to Southern California and Asia;
  • Informs: We sponsor and promote thought-leading research on issues jointly impacting Southern California and Asia;
  • Connects: We offer access to Asia Society’s global resources and the largest network of Asia- connected business, government and educational leaders; and
  • Cultivates: We offer a platform for the development of young leaders in business, technology, entertainment and the other creative and strategic industries in Southern California, who play an increasingly important role in connecting the U.S. and Asia.

Asia Society Southern California builds upon the history of leadership by Los Angeles in the U.S.’ engagement with Asia to advance the recognition and development of mutual interests and opportunities between Asian and Southern Californian institutions, businesses and individuals for successful collaboration.

Vision Statement

Asia Society Southern California will be the region’s leading organization for engagement with Asia by:

  • building mutual understanding through timely, unique and insightful programs, research and resources on business, policy and cultural issues; and
  • building and strengthening current partnerships and fostering new, value-enhancing connections between Southern Californian and Asian leaders, policy makers, businesses and institutions.

Asia Society Southern California will be recognized for its influence within and without the global Asia Society, having stature and visibility commensurate with the importance of Asian culture, commerce, people and companies in Southern California, and the breadth, depth and impact of Southern California’s culture, economy and connections throughout Asia.


Our programs and initiatives will reflect the breadth of Southern California’s relationship with Asia and the diversity of both the region’s economy and its trans-Pacific collaborations, including its unique role in global culture. Building on our success in convening Asian and U.S. leaders in media, sports, entertainment  and technology, Asia Society Southern California will systematically promote and expand linkages and opportunities across the wider range of strategic industries, which underpin the Southern California region’s greater economy and its relationship with Asia.