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Technology—in and out of the classroom—has changed the global education game! Find resources here!


This new publication introduces educators and parents to methods on how to use a multitude of innovative technology tools to help their students and children learn about, understand, and engage with our increasingly interconnected world.
As a native Mandarin speaker and a diligent student of English and German, I can't help asking whether machine translation signals the obsolescence of learning a foreign language.
Technology can promote higher-order thinking, deep learning, and collaboration in schools—and link students to the wider world. Here's how.
Common standards for career and technical education (CTE)
Eight types of hashtags and a list of who to follow for educators teaching about and connecting with the world.
Technology has changed the way people learn. Our picks for apps that build global competence.
How online games can prepare students for the global knowledge economy.
Schools plan to go all-digital by 2015.
Wisconsin has a 35-year tradition of linking local schools to international partners. Get some advice from a pioneer.
How do we prepare students for jobs that don't yet exist? Heidi Hayes Jacobs breaks it down for us.
Poor communities around the world are turning to educational technology to leapfrog into the global knowledge economy.
A primer for elementary school classrooms.
How to use free tools to connect with the greater world.
Go global instantly with some of these tech tools for children.
The Internet and other tools means that every student project should involve access to people, perspectives, expertise, and experiences on a global scale.
Learn how afterschool can help young people prepare for life and work by gaining the highly sought global knowledge, skills and experiences demanded by the industries of tomorrow.