Join us at the 2019 CLTA-WA Conference

Date: August 17, 2019

Location: Seattle, Washington

Instructor: Dr. Wei-ling Wu

Conference details: Going real in language instruction can fundamentally change the way we teach and dramatically improve learning outcomes for students. This workshop draws content from Asia Society (AS)'s professional development training. AS professional development training provides teachers with practical ways to make learning highly relevant and engaging in Chinese classrooms. The presenters will explore three overarching questions: 1) What is the essence of going real in language instruction? 2) How do we create relevant and engaging learning experiences for Chinese language learners? 3) How do we scaffold to improve students’ performance in communicative tasks? Participants will learn various communicative tasks and effective strategies that can be used for students of different ages and proficiency levels. They will be actively engaged in reviewing examples of classroom activities and the TEQ video lessons the AS has created. They will see how relevant and engaging learning makes a difference in our classrooms.

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