Time Lapse: Watch Eko Nugroho Paint His Epic Street-Inspired Mural

Acclaimed Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho creates a site-specific mural at Asia Society Museum in New York. The mural complements Video Spotlight: Eko Nugroho, on view at the museum through April 16, 2017. (2 min., 29 sec.)

Through April 16, Asia Society Museum in New York is hosting the exhibition Video Spotlight: Eko Nugroho, which displays video works by acclaimed Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho.

Nugroho's multi-disciplinary work often uses humor to address social issues, such as the implications of Indonesia's rapid urbanization, religious fanaticism, and the breaking of traditional taboos by the younger generation. In tandem with the exhibition, Nugroho painted an original mural in Asia Society New York's lobby, which is depicted in the remarkable time lapse video above. “I never have a plan, but I have an idea," Nugroho said while working on the mural. "I like just coming and then trying to get an interaction. And I bring up my idea, and then the wall is the victim of my painting.”

“I like the way of just doing something," he added. "If you want to do it, just do it. If you’re thinking right, then it will be right. If there is a mistake, you have to think about how to solve the problem. You cannot erase. And that’s why I’m using black and white.”