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"You Determine Nation's Success"

(White House)

(White House)

PHILADELPHIA, September 14, 2010—U.S. President Barack Obama spoke to students throughout the nation today.

"Nobody gets to write your destiny but you. Your future is in your hands," the President said today. "And nothing—absolutely nothing—is beyond your reach."

But to realize dreams, President Obama encouraged America's youngest generation to work hard and get as much out of education as possible. "The kinds of opportunities that are open to you are going to be determined by how far you go in school. The farther you go in school, the farther you're going to go in life."

In a global 21st century, it seems no one is too young not to pay heed—or reap the benefits—of a global society. "At a time when other countries are competing with us like never before, when students around the world in Beijing, China, or Bangalore, India, are working harder than ever, and doing better than ever, your success in school is not just going to determine your success, it's going to determine America's success in the 21st century."

It's not just about competition; it's about understanding the world and finding ways to make it better. The President referenced a a letter he recently received from a 12-year old girl, who is already very wise about the world. Tamerria Robinson wrote, "I try to achieve my dreams and help others do the same. That is how the world should work."  

The President agrees that is how the world should work, but reminded students that the vision is possible only if every student takes responsibility for his or her own education. "An education has never been more important," the President concluded. 

The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning echoes the President's words to get the most out of a world-class education. Have a great and very productive school year!