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Balushahi (Pastries Coated in Syrup and Nuts)

These deep-fried pastry circles that are dipped in syrup and coated with nuts, go well with coffee. more
(Photo by chotda/Flickr)

Passionfruit Flummery

A delightful, light dessert. more

Luk Chup (Miniature Molded Fruits)

This Thai marzipan is a beautiful dessert made in the shapes and colors of fruits and vegetables. more
Photo by shellfish/flickr

Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream)

A sweet, creamy dessert spiced with the delicate flavor of cardamom. more
Pavlova (Photo by distopiandreamgirl/flickr)

Australia/New Zealand Pavlova

Get the recipe to this delicious meringue dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer, Ánna Pávlova. more
(Photo by lovejanine/Flickr)

Japanese Jelly Dessert (Awayuki)

A deliciously light, low-calorie jelly dessert. more
Photo by cleong/flickr

Indonesian Spice Layer Cake (Spekkoek)

Get the recipe for this Indonesian "thousand-layer cake" often served with coffee or tea. more
Photo by Mangilao30/flickr


Try this recipe for haupia, a coconut pudding that's a staple desert at every Hawaiian luau. more
Photo by riacale/flickr

Guinataan with Jackfruit

A Filipino harvest dessert of jackfruit meat, tapioca, bananas, yams, and taro in a creamy coconut milk sauce. more

Durian Ice Cream

The sweet flavor and thick texture of durian makes it perfect for ice cream or blended milk shakes. more