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(Photo by Sifu Renka/Flickr)

Sesame Seed and Palm Sugar Balls

Get the recipe to one of Sri Lanka's most-loved sweets. more
Semolina Pudding (Umair Moshin/flickr)

Semolina Pudding

A slightly sweet stovetop confection from South India. more
Gula Melaka (Photo by sue_jan/flickr)

Sago Pudding (Gula Melaka)

Get the recipe for this very popular Malaysian soft dessert. more
Photo by awhiffoflemongrass/flickr

Gulab Jamun (Rose-Flavored Milk Balls in Syrup)

A popular Indian and Pakistani sweet dish of fried milk balls in a sweet syrup. more
(Photo by stu_spivack/Flickr)

Rabri (Reduced Milk Pudding)

An Indian dessert staple, rabri is a thickened, sweet milk, flavored with nuts. more
(Photo by rashmi1979/Flickr)


This dessert of Fresh cheese balls in syrup is a Bengali specialty. more
Photo by chotda/flickr

Ras Malai

Cream-colored balls made from cottage or riccotta cheese soaked in sweetened, thickened milk. more
(Photo by HD41117/Flickr)

Potato Alluwa (Potato and Cashew Nut Fudge)

This sublime candy depends on the humble potato for its texture and flavor and is a favorite in Sri Lanka. more

Pistachio Barfi

Get the recipe for this traditional Indian milk sweet. more
(Photo by matt coats/Flickr)

Peking Dust

A sweet concoction that combines whipped cream and ground chestnuts (to represent the sand of the Mongolian desert). more