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U.S. General John Allen with American troops. (isafmedia/

When the Troops Go Home: General John Allen and Martha Raddatz

Join Asia Society as we welcome General John Allen with Martha Raddatz of ABC News in discussion on Afghanistan's security post-U.S. withdrawal. more

Former State Department Official Discusses Democracy and Security in Central Asia, Upcoming Elections in Afghanistan

David A. Merkel turns focus to issues of democracy and security in the five Central Asia nations. more
L to R: Afghan presidential candidates Abdullah Abdullah, Qayum Karzai, Abdul Rahim Wardak, Zalmai Rassoul and Ashraf Ghani take part in a debate at Tolo TV station in Kabul on February 4, 2014. (Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images)

Asia 21 Young Leaders Help Make History at Afghanistan Presidential Debate

Afghanistan's first-ever presidential debate was televised by Tolo News, which is headed by two executives with Asia Society ties. more
Bob Woodruff of ABC News appearing at a patrons event on war correspondents at Asia Society New York on January 22, 2014. (Craig Chesek/Asia Society)

War Reporters Deliver 'Poignant, From-the-Trenches' View of Covering Iraq, Afghanistan

Asia Society New York hears from Bob Woodruff and Mike Boettcher, two men who have lived the Iraq and Afghan campaigns in profound and personal ways. more

Bob Woodruff: The Iraqi Who Helped Save My Life

Bob Woodruff reflects on the reversal in the flow of refugees between Iraq and Syria and describes what happened to the interpreter who helped save his life. more

Bob Woodruff: 'We Don't Know Where the Bombs Are'

Bob Woodruff of ABC News touches on the qualities that made reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan different from covering previous U.S. wars. more

Bob Woodruff and Mike Boettcher (Complete)

War correspondents Bob Woodruff and Mike Boettcher discuss their experience reporting Afghanistan and Iraq. more
Meet Asia Society's President and Vice Presidents. more
Bernard Schwartz Book Award
The Bernard Schwartz Book Award recognizes nonfiction books that make outstanding contributions to the understanding of contemporary Asia or U.S.-Asia relations. more
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans
As a 2012 Bernard Schwartz Fellow at Asia Society, Alexander Evans led an initiative focused on the U.S. and South Asia after Afghanistan. more