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Kit Young: An 'Only in Myanmar' Art Form (Complete)

Music scholar Kit Young delves into the history and culture behind Myanmar's "zat pwe," a hybrid tradition combining music, dance, comedy, and acrobatics. more

Shwe Man Thabin Troupe of Myanmar (Complete)

Myanmar's storied performance company brings a traditional zat pwe—combining music, dance, comedy, and acrobatics—to Asia Society's stage. more
An evening of zat pwe presents a panoply of music, song, dance, drama, and comedy. (Rachel Cooper)

Multimedia: Celebrated Troupe Brings Myanmar's Performance Tradition to New York

Learn about Myanmar’s "zat pwe"—a traditional performance form that combines music, dance, and theater into a unique variety extravaganza. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Interview with San Win

San Win, U Tin Maung's third son and a Zat Pwe dancer since 1967, demonstrates particular aspects of his father's style. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Interview with Chan Thar

U Tin Maung's youngest son describes how the troupe engages with local audiences all around Myanmar. more

Shwe Man Thabin: Interview with Nyunt Win

U Tin Maung's eldest son, who enjoyed a long career in films, describes how his father encouraged him to try acting. more
Yangon's Sule Pagoda at dusk as seen from Trader's Hotel (now the "Sule Shangri-la"). (Andrew Rowat)

Interview: In Yangon, Photographer Andrew Rowat Finds a 'Future Yet Unwritten'

In a new project, photographer Andrew Rowat captures Myanmar’s transition through the lens of its now-vulnerable architectural heritage. more

Asia Society Presents: Burmese National Theater

From 1975: Asia Society presents a mesmerizing performance of traditional music and dance from Burma. more

Shwe Man Thabin: San Min Aung

Cell-phone camera footage captures the Shwe Man Thabin troupe's charismatic San Min Aung up-close. more
On loan from the national Museum in Yangon, Myanmar, this double-sided stele is a sandstone sculpture that dates from the fourth to the sixth century CE.

Timelapse: How Art Handlers Move an Ancient 724-Pound Sandstone Sculpture

Watch a team of art handlers orchestrate the installation of a sandstone stele dating back to the fourth to sixth century for Asia Society Museum's exhibition 'Buddhist Art of Myanmar.' more