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Washington DC

L to R: Ole Schell, James Fallows, and Orville Schell discuss the growing class of entrepreneurs in China. (Ariana Rabindranath)
Win in China: Embracing Creative Entrepreneurism
A new documentary about China's rising entrepreneurial spirit. more
Matthew Niederhauser with his photo exhibition in Washington, DC on Nov. 9, 2009. (Aditya Banerjee/Asia Society Washington)
Individualism in the Beijing Underground
A photography exhibition reveals how those in Beijing’s indie music scene feel at odds with modern Chinese society. more
Maina Chawla Singh speaking in Washington, DC on Nov. 4, 2009.
Being Indian, Being Israeli
What happened to thousands of Indian Jews who emigrated to Israel from Bombay, Calcutta, and Cochin. more
US Ambassador to Bangladesh James Moriarty speaking at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, Oct. 15, 2009. (Yuchin Kate Peng/Asia Society)
Bangladesh On Steady Development Path, Says US Ambassador
Bangladesh is growing fast, but the US ambassador has a warning: some of the old Bangladeshi ills are still there. more
Ambassador Howard Schaffer (left) with Jack Garrity and Ambassador Teresita Schaffer at the Woman's National Democratic Club on Oct. 14, 2009. (Terrence Smith / Asia Society)
Solution for Kashmir Conflict Unlikely, Ambassadors Say
Two former US ambassadors to South Asia discuss Washington's relationship to the subcontinent. more
L to R: Seung-Yu Kim, Chien Chung Pei, the Honorable Steven Chu, and John Wood (Les Talusan/Asia Society Washington)
DC Awards Dinner Salutes Steven Chu and I.M. Pei
Richard Holbrooke, Dianne Feinstein among guests at event honoring Obama's Secretary of Energy. more
Altaf Ladak, COO, Roshan Telecom and Jack Garrity, Executive Director, Asia Society Washington
From the Director: Jack Garrity, Asia Society Washington
A busy year at the Washington, DC Center amidst the change from the Bush to the Obama administration. more
Sadanand Dhume, author of My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical Islamist, in Washington, DC on June 10, 2009. (Asia Society Washington)
Sadanand Dhume: Journey Through Indonesia
Sadanand Dhume talks about his book 'My Friend the Fanatic,' and shares insights on Islam and globalization in Indonesia. more
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (R) with Samir Chatterjee at George Washington University on May 7, 2009. (Asia Society Washington Center)
An Indian Twist on the Slide Guitar
Virtuoso Vishwa Mohan Bhatt dazzles DC audience with his customized 20-string instrument. more
President Barack Obama's sister Maya Soetoro with husband Konrad Ng at the Washington, DC gala on Jan. 17, 2009. (Leslie Talusan/Asia Society)
Asia Society Presidential Inaugural Gala Celebrates APA Contributions
Gala event recognizes the role Asian Americans have played in the 2008 election and in US government. more