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Washington DC

Afghanistan's Future: Politics, Prosperity, and Security Under New Leadership (Complete)

James Dobbins, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, speaks about post-presidential election Afghanistan, followed by a panel discussion featuring Clare Lockhart, Omar Samad, and Hassan Abbas. more
Past Special Events
Asia Society Washington D.C.'s past special events more

Fueling the Future (Highlights)

Conference highlights: experts discuss recent and potential future trends in energy security as they affect the U.S. and Asia. more

The United States, Asia, and Energy Security (Video)

Experts assess energy sector shifts in Asia and the United States over the next 10 to 30 years. more

Marriott CEO: A New Golden Age of Travel

Marriott International's Arne M. Sorenson accepts the Global Business Leadership Award at Asia Society Washington's 2013 Awards Dinner. more

Cui Tiankai: A 'New Path of Mutual Respect'

China's Ambassador to the United States heralds a new era in the U.S.-China relationship at Asia Society Washington's 2013 Awards Dinner. more

Thomas Donilon: 'Sustain the Momentum' in Asia Pacific

The former U.S. National Security Advisor accepts the Policy Achievement Award at Asia Society Washington's 2013 Awards Dinner. more

Diplomat: Encouraging Signs, Future Stability in Afghanistan

Indian Ambassador Shyam Saran explains why he views "free and fair" elections as crucial to Afghanistan's future stability. more

Ambassador Shyam Saran: Regional Prospects for Peace

Ambassador Shyam Saran outlines India's regional foreign policy in light of the impending American drawdown from Afghanistan. more

Ambassador Locklear: 'A Lot of Things Keep Me Up at Night'

Admiral Samuel Locklear answers questions on India, China and North Korea. more