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Korean Students Express Their Hopes for New U.S. President

Asia Society Korea recently asked Korean students what they’d like to see from the U.S. government after the 2016 presidential election. Here are their wishes for President Donald Trump. more

Future of East Asia (Complete)

Sung-Joo Han, Orville Schell, Andrei Lankov, Jin Canrong, Shen Dingli, and John Delury discuss recent events in East Asia and what things must happen going forward to protect stability in the region. more
Past Special Events
Asia Society Korea's past special events more

Josette Sheeran: Q & A at Sookmyung Women's University

Asia Society's President takes questions from the audience following her address at Sookmyung Women's University. more

Josette Sheeran: 10 Rules of Leadership

Asia Society's President gives a lecture on "What It Means to Be a Leader" at a top Korean women's university. more
South Korean General Min-Koo Han delivers a speech during the 13th Asia-Pacific Chief of Defense Meeting (CHOD) press conference in Seoul in October, 2010. (Park Ji-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

Video: Former Top South Korean General on Responding to North Korean 'Provocation'

The former chairman of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff talks to Asia Society Korea Center about the latest political tensions on the peninsula. more
Irish veterans revisited a Korean battlefield in April 2013 through a program sponsored by South Korea's government. (Asia Society Korea Center)

Video: Looking Back, Irish Korean War Veterans Revisit Battleground 60 Years Later

Twelve Irish veterans of the Korean War recently returned to South Korea 60 years after the war's end. more

Irish Veterans Revisit Korean Battlefield

A group of Irish veterans return to the Korean Peninsula for the first time since 1951. During their government-sponsored visit, they reflect on their service and witness the rapid growth of South Korea over the last half-century. more

General Min-Koo Han: South Korea's Options

One of South Korea's top military officials surveys the most recent round of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. more
"Drunken not allowed." (Asia Society Korea Center)

'Konglish' Not Spoken Here: Asia Society Korea Center Targets Signs and Schoolbooks

An ambitious new two-pronged initiative by Asia Society Korea Center targets both fractured English in the public sphere and biased or inaccurate information in school textbooks. more