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Rendezvous with artist Atul Dodiya

Mayanka Singh Nongpiur interviews artist Atul Dodiya in his studio to find out about his influences, inspirations, time in Paris and his artwork. more
Detail from "Charu." 2004-2006. 72 x 48 in. Enamel paint and synthetic varnish on laminate.

Asia Society India Centre Offers Rare Studio 'Rendezvous' with Artist Atul Dodiya

On October 20, Asia Society members will have a unique opportunity to meet acclaimed artist Atul Dodiya in his Mumbai studio. more

India Needs to be a Much More Progressive for Investment

Michael Silverstein, Abheek Singhi and Adi Godrej discuss the needs and wants of the consumers in India and China to enable Indian and multinational companies to operate and grow successfully in these countries. more
Martin Jacques (R) at Asia Society India Centre's private event on July 29, 2012. (Asia Society India Centre)
Did China Benefit From the Economic Crisis?
Scholar Martin Jacques holds forth on future trends in Chinese markets, and the implications of its rise for India and the rest of the world, at a private ASIC event. more
Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (C) at the roundtable discussion with women leaders in Mumbai on July 25, 2012. (Asia Society India Centre)
Pakistan's First Oscar-Winner Discusses Women's Issues at Mumbai Private Roundtable
Documentarian Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy touches on evolving gender roles and lack of equal protection under the law. more

Sport, Society, and Sri Lanka

Novelist Shehan Karunatilaka shares insights into his prizewinning novel of Sri Lankan cricket, "Chinaman," with Rahul Bose. more
Highlights from the talk between Rahul Bose (L) and writer Shehan Karunatilaka (R) in Mumbai on Aug. 7, 2012. (6 min., 16 sec.)
Shehan Karunatilaka Explores Sri Lanka Through Cricket
Shehan Karunatilaka tells Rahul Bose how his debut novel acts an allegory for his country's 60-year history. more
Highlights of the discussion with Nachiket Mor, Vinod Rai and Adi Godrej in Mumbai on July 12, 2012. (8 min., 51 sec.)
Needed for India: Transparency and Accountability, 'Through and With' Democracy
Leading figures from government, industry and the social sector discuss how India can strengthen public accountability and efficiency while meeting the imperatives of growth. more
Key moments from the July 14, 2012 Mumbai programme on art and feminism with Gita Chadha, Bharati Kapadia, Shakuntala Kulkarni, and Kamini Sawhney. Artists and audience gathered for this event organized by Asia Society and the Jehangir Nicholson Art Gallery to discuss the exhibition on view, "Voicing a Presence: Women Artists in the Jehangir Nicholson Collection." (6 min., 20 sec.)
'Voicing a Presence,' and Talking About Art and Feminism
Three distinguished speakers host a discussion and gallery tour in the Jehangir Nicholson Gallery in Mumbai. more
Highlights from the 'Jugaad Innovation' panel in Mumbai on June 4, 2012. (7 min., 54 sec.)
Jugaad Innovation: Lessons from the Developing World for Business Worldwide
Speakers relate how creative ingenuity and innovation from developing countries can be incorporated into business innovation strategy anywhere. more