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The Harvard historian says the Indian Ocean is "an interregional arena of political, economic and cultural interaction."
19th-Century Migrations and the Future of Asia
Harvard historian argues that large-scale migrations will affect Asia in the future as much as they have in the past. more
Artist Laxman Shreshtha tells audience members about recovering and restoring artwork at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel on Dec. 18, 2010. (Asia Society India Centre)
Taj Hotel's Jewel Regains Its Former Luster
A lengthy restoration process was needed at Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in the wake of the 2008 terrorist attack. more
The Tryst Betrayed: Reflections on Indian Diplomacy and Development by Jagat Mehta.
India to Strengthen Bonds with Neighbors for Regional Stability
India needs to make stronger efforts in building functional relationships with its neighbors for the country and the region. more
An Indian woman walks past a billboard of a mobile phone manufacturer in Bangalore, India. The state hosts an annual event to promote its IT sector and to attract global investment. (Dibyangshu Sarkar /AFP/Getty Images)
The Battle for Female Talent in India
A new report highlights challenges to women in India's workforce. more
Panelists Achim Dobermann (L), and Debashish Mitra (R), speak at Asia Society India Centre on Food Security in Asia. (Asia Society India Centre)
Never an Empty Bowl: Launch of Food Security Task Force Report
Asia Society India Centre launches Food Security Task Force Report with panelists Achim Dobermann and Debashish Mitra. more
Romnesh Lamba, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Development at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. (Asia Society India Centre)
The Internationalization of the RMB
China's strategy to make the RMB an international reserve currency with convertibility. more
Mustansir Dalvi (L), Professor of Architecture at Sir JJ College, and author and architect Kaiwan Mehta (R), discuss the art and architecture of MA Ahed at Asia Society India Centre on November 30, 2010. (Asia Society India Centre)
An Architect's Life Shows Links Between India and Pakistan
Discussing the life and works of renowned Pakistani architect, M.A. Ahed (1919-2001). more
Navi Radjou, Geetu Verma, and Simone Ahuja speak on INDOvations at Asia Society India Centre on November 18, 2010. (Asia Society India Centre)
What the World Can Learn from Indian Innovations
Guests sum up the INDOvation formula - delivering more of the product with fewer resources for more quality more
Asher Hasan, CEO and founder of Naya Jeevan (R) speaks with P.G. Chakrabarti, Director of the SAARC (L), at Asia Society India Centre on November 12, 2010. (Asia Society India)
Lessons from the Deluge
Three months after Pakistan's catastrophic flooding, experts assess what can be learned from the disaster. more
Rajika Puri presents a lecture-demonstration at Asia Society's India Centre on the importance of myth in Indian culture on October 15, 2010. (Asia Society)
Storytelling Through Dance
World-renowned dancer Rajika Puri on the importance of myth in Indian culture. more