Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations

New York

Takuya Kuroda Concert Highlights

Jazz trumpeter/composer Takuya Kuroda and his ensemble play Asia Society New York to commemorate the release of Kuroda's Blue Note Records debut. more

'Who Are You, When You're a Chinese American?'

Novelist Amy Tan and Orville Schell unravel some of the complex issues surrounding Chinese American identity. more

Reconstructing Memory: Amy Tan and Family History (Complete)

Amy Tan discusses her latest book, "The Valley of Amazement," in which she draws inspiration from her family's history, especially from early 1900's-era Shanghai. more

Highlights: 'The Red Dress'

Members of the Beijing National Theater Company present excerpts from a traditional Chinese dance drama. more

'Speak the Truth and People Will Respond'

Ruchira Gupta and Gloria Steinem talk about their first meeting in Delhi, the inception of Apne Aap and how sex workers are perceived in India. more

Ending Sex Trafficking (Complete)

Indian sex trafficking abolitionist Ruchira Gupta and journalist and activist Gloria Steinem discuss the hopes and challenges ahead for the vibrant women's movement in India and beyond. more

Inside Asia Society Museum's 'Transgressions' Exhibition

Visual artist Nalini Malani introduces her video shadow-play exhibition, "Transgressions," on view at Asia Society Museum in New York City. more
Caroline Atkinson, President Obama's top adviser on international economics, speaks at Asia Society New York on February 27, 2014. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Top U.S. Economic Advisor Says Asia and U.S. Need Policy Shifts to Accelerate Growth

At Asia Society New York, Caroline Atkinson, President Obama’s leading advisor on international economics, described the need for the United States and Asian countries to collaborate on policies that will power global economic growth. more

Opportunities and Challenges for US-Asia Economic Relations

Caroline Atkinson discusses the opportunities and challenges for U.S.-Asia economic relations, recent economic trends in Asia, and U.S. efforts to strengthen business and trade ties with Asian countries. more

'I Shudder a Little Bit as to What China Thinks It's Doing'

Jim Sciutto, Alan D. Romberg, and Daniel Blumentahal discuss the role of China's People's Liberation Army and their maritime activities with regards to the contested Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. more