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Worldwide Locations

New York

Evans J.R. Revere: 'At the End of the Day, China Has North Korea's Back'

Panelists with expertise on Northeast Asia discuss relationships in the region and what threats there are to security. more

Security in Northeast Asia (Complete)

Barbara Demick, Victor Cha, Evans J.R. Revere, Hitoshi Tanaka discuss how Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. might be able to cooperate better on northeast Asian regional issues. more

Margaret Ng: Taiwan Sees Hong Kong as a 'Cautionary Tale'

Hong Kong activist discusses the "exciting" Occupy Central protests and how Hong Kongers should fight for true democracy and rule of law with everything they've got. more

ChinaFile Breakfast Discussion with Margaret Ng

Ira Belkin, Margaret Ng, and Orville Schell assess Hong Kong's relationship with the Chinese mainland in the wake of the Occupy Hong Kong movement. more

Michael Meyer: 'There Are No 4-H Clubs in China'

Michael Meyer describes the depopulation of China's rural areas, and attendant pressures on its agriculture, to fellow writer Ian Buruma. more

The Other China, with Michael Meyer and Ian Buruma (Complete)

Writers Michael Meyer and Ian Buruma engage in a discussion centered on Meyer's new book, a genre-crossing portrait of changes underway in China's countryside. more

Kevin Rudd: 'A Posture of Constructive Realism'

ASPI President Kevin Rudd calls for China and the U.S. to identify areas "where they cannot agree," before determining the issues on which they may be able to work together. more

Asia's Future: Kevin Rudd in Conversation with Charlie Rose (Complete)

ASPI President Kevin Rudd joins journalist Charlie Rose for a talk on the future of Asia, China, and the world in which Rudd offers his perspectives on how Asian countries can confront common challenges. more

'War of the Words' with High Schoolers from China (Complete)

Asia Society hosts a debate between four top Chinese and American high school debaters on the trade-off between development and environment. more

Challenges Remain

Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond spoke with Asia Society as part of the Global Cities Education Network initiative. more