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'Iranians Are Extremely Curious About the World'

Author Salar Abdoh talks about the role of books and censorship in Iranian society and explains that the vast Persian classical tradition doesn't furnish a contemporary writer with a "noir" vocabulary. more

TEQ Series #3: Jessie Maeer and Lin Young's Grade 9 Novice-Mid Chinese Classes

Asia Society's latest instructional video for Chinese-language teachers focuses on Lin Young of Greenwich High School in Connecticut and Jessie Maeer of Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City. more

TEQ Series #2: Mei Dong's Grade 8 Novice Chinese Class

Mei Dong of the Collegiate School in Virginia is featured in the latest Asia Society instructional video for Chinese language teachers in the United States. more

'Tehran Noir' and 'Tehran at Twilight' (Complete)

Writers Salar Abdoh and Roya Hakakian look at crime and mystery fiction as a lens onto contemporary Iranian society. more

Robert D. Kaplan: 'A More Crowded, Nervous, Anxious World'

The Atlantic foreign correspondent and author discusses some of the root causes underlying recent tensions surrounding the South China Sea. more

South China Sea: Pathways to Peace (Complete)

Scholars and analysts examine ways in which the South China Sea dispute might be disentangled while avoiding a potentially disastrous conflict. more

Artist Q & A with Ramli Ibrahim

Sutra Dance Theater dancer and choregrapher Ramli Ibrahim takes questions from Asia Society's Rachel Cooper and the audience. more

Sutra Dance Theater: 'Krishna: Love Re-Invented'

Malaysia's Sutra Dance Theater presents "Krishna: Love Re-Invented," which retells the love between Krishna and Radha, on the Asia Society stage. more

An Evening with Writers from Myanmar (Complete)

Writers Ma Thida, Nay Phone Latt, and Khin Mya Zin join moderator D.W. Gibson for a discussion of literature, the role of the writer, and freedom of expression at a time of rapid change in Myanmar. more

Q & A with 'One Child' Director Mu Zijian

Filmmaker Mu Zijian speaks about his documentary "One Child," a wrenching look at the after-effects of the 2009 earthquake in his native Sichuan. more