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New York

Is Fake News Crowding Out Real News? (Complete)

Experts discuss how manufactured facts, "alternative" facts, and outright propaganda in the guise of news are distorting and muddling opinions across the world. more

The Sound of Data Darbar (Complete)

Raza Rumi and Tahira Syed explore the symbolism that the shrine of Data Darbar holds for Lahore’s citizenry in the poetic, pluralistic, and progressive traditions. more

Monkey Business: Japan/America Writers' Dialogue (Complete)

An international writers’ dialogue curated and moderated by the co-founders and editors of the literary journal "Monkey Business." more

Soul Journey: Traditional Nanyin Music Reimagined (Complete)

A performance by the Siong Leng Musical Association keeps the ancient art form of Nanyin music alive. more

The Belitung Cargo (Complete)

A panel of experts discusses artifacts recovered from the Belitung shipwreck. more

The Belitung Shipwreck in its Historical Context (Complete)

A panel of experts discusses the Belitung shipwreck in the context of maritime trade between China and the Middle East during the 9th century. more

Exhibition Symposium: 'Secrets of the Sea: A Tang Shipwreck and Early Trade in Asia' — Keynote Address

The landmark symposium presents a comprehensive review of the Belitung shipwreck's cargo. more

'It Was My First Experience of Someone Telling Me I Don't Belong'

Dalia Fahmy recounts a frightening incident in a New Jersey parking lot in which she was targeted for being Muslim. more

Islam: Debating Democracy, Tolerance, and Terrorism (Complete)

Dalia Fahmy, Shadi Hamid, and Mengia Hong Tschalaer discuss the current crises of the Islamic faith. more

Sanam Marvi and Arieb Azhar Sing 'Mahi Year Di Garholi'

The Pakistani singers performed at Asia Society in New York more