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US-Iran: 'Nuclear First' and a Longer View

U.S. and Iranian officials explore whether and how the recent interim nuclear deal opens a door for addressing other regional challenges and a longer-term rapprochement. more

The US and Iran: A Breakthrough Moment? (Complete)

Robert Einhorn, Hossein Mousavian, Thomas R. Pickering, and George Stephanopoulos assess U.S.-Iran relations in the wake of the first public, high-level U.S.-Iran negotiations in more than 30 years. more

Interview: What 250 Years of Chinese History Shows About the Future

Prof. Odd Arne Westad, author of 'Restless Empire,' talks about how studying the past 250 years of Chinese history brought him to a new understanding of how China relates to the outside world, and what its long-term prospects look like. more

Do We Need a Global Approach to Education?

Wendy Kopp and Susan Fuhrman offer their assessments of the validity of PISA scores and a worldwide approach to educational standards. more

Making the Grade in Global Education (Complete)

Asia Society's Tony Jackson joins Wendy Kopp, Susan Fuhrman, and Andrea Pasinetti for a discussion of innovation and equity in global education. more

Theodore Levin: On Syrian and Iranian Music

Dartmouth College music professor Theodore Levin offers introductory remarks regarding Syrian and Iranian music. more

Asia 21 Summit: Navneet Singh Narula

"When you stand out, you become outstanding," Navneet Singh Narula tells Asia Society's 2013 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit. more

Asia 21 Summit: Scot Frank

Asia 21 Young Leader Scot Frank discusses the award-winning solar cooker he developed for Himalayan communities. more

Asia 21 Summit: Sabhanaz Rashid Diya

Asia 21 Young Leader Sabhanaz Rashid Diya says "it's important to know when to pick your fight." more

Sound: The Encounter (Highlights)

Sound: The Encounter, comprised of three musicians from Iran and Syria, are joined onstage by oud player Kenan Adnawi. more