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Kodo performers at Asia Society in New York on March 14, 2011.

Video: USA Today On Emotional Kodo Drum Performance at Asia Society

With minds focused on Japan, Taiko troupe gives heartfelt performance. more
Members of the Special Malaysia Disaster Assitance and Rescue Team (SMART) load emergency and relief supplies into an aircraft for Japan at the Subang Airforce base in Kuala Lumpur on March 15, 2011. (AFP/Getty Images)

How You Can Help Japan's Earthquake Victims

Asia Society suggests sending donations via the Japan Society. more
A man cycles past upturned cars and tsunami wrought devastation in Natori City, Miyagi prefecture on March 14, 2011. (Mike Clarke /AFP/Getty Images)

Crisis a "Leadership Opportunity" for Japan

Northeast Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami have already killed thousands and left a landscape in ruin, but the country's nightmare is far from over. more
 A survivor wrapped in a blanket stands to look on tsunami-damaged town at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture on March 13, 2011. (Yomiuri Shimbun /AFP/Getty Images)

Japan's Disaster: Assessing the Long-Term Effects

Associate Fellow Alexandra Harney looks at potential political and economic effects of the March 11 quake and tsunami. more
Fire and water engulf homes after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami at Natori city in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan on March 11, 2011. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Japan Battered by Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami

A massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Japan on Friday, March 11. more