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What is PISA and Why Does it Matter?
What the numbers reveal can have a big impact on our economic competitiveness. more
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How School Systems Improve
A study on how the most-improved school systems did it, and what others can learn. more
How the World Recruits Teachers
Recruiting great teachers is critically important. See how successful nations go about it. more
Show Teachers the Money!
Most teachers are underpaid. But what is the best way to think about proper compensation? more
Minnijean Brown Trickey (left), one of the "Little Rock Nine," with Secretary Duncan. (
International Perspectives on U.S. Education Policy and Practice
US Secretary of Education points to Asia Society findings in back-to-school speech. more
What Can America Learn?
Students in many countries now out-rank American students academically. Top-performing nations sound off on reforms that worked. more
A world at every student's fingertips. (JamesBrey/iStockPhoto)
Best Practices from High-Achieving Nations
What can the U.S. education system learn from nations that out-perform us in international benchmarking tests? Some practical advice from Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond. more
American students rank 25th out of 30 countries in math competencies. What can be done to improve student achievement to prepare every young American for a global future? Photo courtesy CSI High School for International Studies.
Are Young Americans Losing their Competitive Edge in the Global Economy?
The academic achievement correlates with the country's ability to remain economically strong. In the US, reform is needed. more
Students in Ulaanbaatar checking collaborating on an XO laptop. Photo: one laptop per child/
'Thinking About Thinking' and One Laptop Per Child
The XO laptop is cheap to manufacture and has the potential to revolutionize primary education around the world. more
Recruiting, Training, and Supporting a 21st Century Teaching Profession
The best school systems focus on giving great teachers the support they need. more