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Lollywood poster artist Sarfraz Iqbal in his Lahore studio in September 2014. (Saad Sarfraz Sheikh)

Interview: Lahore's Last 'Lollywood' Poster Artist Looks Back on a 50-Year-Career

Pakistan's national film industry may have gone into decline, but painter Sarfraz Iqbal is still a consummate, busy professional. more

New Directions: Contemporary Art in China (Complete)

Asia Society Museum Director Melissa Chiu looks at recent and emerging trends in Chinese art with experts from Christie's and the Guggenheim Museum. more

Xiaolu Guo: 'I Am China' (Complete)

Author and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo discusses her work as a writer in Chinese and English and as a filmmaker who works in both fiction and documentary. more

A Curatorial Conversation About Nam June Paik (Complete)

John G. Hanhardt, the leading authority on Nam June Paik, assesses Paik's work and career with Asia Society Museum's Michelle Yun. more
'Good Morning Mr. Orwell' (still), 1984. Video; color, sound. 38 minutes. Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

'Good Morning Mr. Orwell': A Look Back at the Nam June Paik Video That Greeted 1984

The artist's genre-bending collage of live performances by pop musicians and avant-garde icons embodied his belief in technology's potential to "democratize" art. more
(Roger Walch/Flickr)

Noh Unmasked

Musicologist Kevin Salfen reveals the subtle mysteries of Noh and the refined aesthetics of this Japanese theater tradition. more
'A Chinaman's Chance' U.S. cover image. (Pauline Brown/Public Affairs New York)

Authors & Asia: Eric Liu, A Chinaman's Chance

Eric Liu traverses his family’s history, culture, and future, piecing together a sense of Chinese American identity—and American identity itself. more
(Jonathan Hodgson/flickr)

It’s Funny Because It’s True

Professor Christopher Kelley explores the Buddhist truth of suffering through comedy. more

Author and Filmmaker Introduces Newest Novel to Houston

Xiaolu Guo speaks at Asia Society Texas Center about I Am China a day after the book's American release. more
(Alexander Synaptic/Flickr)

Spotlight Taiwan: Taste of Taiwan

Spend an evening exploring the rich aspects of Taiwanese cuisine and food culture. more