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Creating a Chinese Language Program
An introductory guide on how to start a Chinese language program in your school or district. more
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Elementary Schools: Growing Up Global
Why it's important for our youngest citizens to get a global education. more
Are America's rising generation given every opportunity to succeed? Image: RBFried/
Partnership for Global Learning
Join an innovative educational movement to connect policy and practice so every American student can excel in an interconnected world. more
International Benchmarking
Countries that invest heavily in education to meet the demands of the new global knowledge economy benefit economically and socially from that choice. more
Primary school students in India. (Jonathan Camuzo/
India: New Skills for Global Innovation
The stage is set for a major expansion of secondary education in India. more
Episode 12: Chinese Tones
In this episode, Jesse dives into the often confusing tones that make the Chinese language what it is. But while the tones can be frustrating to master, there's also a sort of musical beauty to them. more
The Great LOL of China episode 12: Chinese Tones

Video: The Tonal Beauty of Mandarin, Expressed Through A-Capella Fruit

In the 12th episode of The Great LOL of China comedy series, Jesse Appell and friends illustrate through song the beautiful (albeit confusing) Chinese tones. more
Yeesookyung, Translated Vase (TVW1)(detail), 2014, Ceramic shards, epoxy, and 24k gold leaf, Courtesy of the artist and Locks Gallery

Creation Station: Contemporary Korea

In celebration of the exhibition 'Yeesookyung,' create pottery based on the artist's "Translated Vase" series. more