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Shirin Ebadi on Sanctions and Western Business in Iran

Shirin Ebadi argues against economic sanctions for Iran—but also says Western businesses should pay a penalty for helping the current regime repress its own people. more
Houston, Mar. 3, 2010: Nicholas Platt, former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, called on the US to "stay the course" in its efforts to foster stable government in that country. (Jeff Fantich Photography)

Nicholas Platt: Pakistan 'Not A Failed State'

Fmr. US ambassador says immature political elites pose a more serious threat than the Taliban. more
China scholar Minxin Pei is flanked by ASTC Executive Director Martha Blackwelder and Board Chairman Charles Foster at a reception prior to his talk in Houston on Feb. 11, 2010. (Jeff Fantich Photography)

China’s Rocky Road to Democracy

Political scientist argues that, for now, China is "a country incapable of a social or political revolution." more