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Matt Friedman on Modern-Day Slavery

Activist and human rights advocate Matt Friedman lectures on 21st-century human trafficking and modern-day slavery. more
In response to the recent gang-rape and death of two teenage girls in the state of Uttar Pradesh, activists shout slogans in front of Uttar Pradesh Bhawan in New Delhi on May 31, 2014. (Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images)

Interview: 'Brave Women Made Our Work Possible,' Says WSJ South Asia Bureau Chief

"For women in villages, traditional codes of conduct can still trump the laws of the state," says Osborn Elliot Prize finalist Gordon Fairclough of the Wall Street Journal. more

North Korea: 'There Is No Silver Bullet' (Complete)

ASNC panel debates options available to the international community with regard to North Korea, such as sanctions and more (or less) engagement. more

A Secret Society: Life Inside North Korea (Complete)

Defectors, human rights and humanitarian aid experts, and international security specialists assess what the international community can do with North Korea. more
(AFP/Getty Images)

North Korea: What Can The International Community Do?

Human rights, humanitarian, and international security experts discuss the challenge of North Korea. more
Sri Lankan policemen look on as Tamil pro-government activists take part in a demonstration outside the UN offices in Colombo on March 10, 2014, to protest a proposed US-led UN resolution to investigate Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes. (Lakruwan Wanniarachchi/AFP/Getty Images)

When Will Sri Lanka End Its Silence?

It's obvious the situation in Sri Lanka has improved since the end of the civil war, but the government’s loftier and more consequential promises remain unfulfilled, writes Bhavani Fonseka. more
Gazi Nafis Ahmed's latest documentary series, "Inner Face," offers a stark look at the marginalized gay community in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Gazi Nafis Ahmed)

Interview: Photographer Sheds Light on 'Inner Face' of Bangladesh's Gay Community

In stark black-and-white images, Gazi Nafis Ahmed takes an intimate look at Bangladesh's marginalized gay community. more

#iParticipate for Human Rights

Empowerment of the young and indigenous peoples in the Philippines. more

#iParticipate: Youth Engagement for Human Rights

Learn how you can make a change! more
Lao schoolchildren before a poster warning about American bombs (Jerry Redfern)

Legacies of War in Laos

US bombs dropped 40 years ago plague Laos today more