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Asia 21 2009 Public Service Award FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can nominate organizations for the award?

Our goal is to keep the process as transparent, easy, and focused as possible. To this end, each organization that wishes to apply for the award needs to have the endorsement of a past Asia 21 Fellow or Delegate so that we can expedite the process. Only nominations submitted and endorsed by the Asia 21 network, and which provide all the information and documents requested for the nomination form will be considered valid. Past Fellows and Delegates are encouraged to endorse organizations that they feel are worthy of this recognition, including their own.

2. What kind of organizations can be nominated?

The prize is awarded to an organization in the Asia-Pacific region that has made an outstanding contribution in reaching underprivileged social/economic groups by providing a meaningful service to a community and the public in the region.

Nominated organizations must (a) have been founded at least two years prior to being considered for the award; (b) have requisite permissions to accept foreign funds from the United States; and (c) be engaged in innovative projects that can be meaningfully replicated in other parts of Asia and beyond.

3. What documents are needed for applying?

Along with a filled in Nomination and Application form you will need to send us:

Vision-Mission-Objectives and a write-up on the work and the issues the organization is addressing. Do your objectives render measurable impact? How is this monitored and measured? (300 words)

Annual Report of the Organization/Institution/Foundation(2006-08) and (1) Audited Accounts or financial report and funding resources (2) profile on management and staff (3) Brochures/Reports on related programs and projects implemented by the organization in the past two years.

A Project Proposal for the grant (including budget) and how the award money will be used and how the award will be useful to the organization. How does your organization plan to monitor and measure the impact of this project? What makes your project different from others in your field and what does your organization hope to achieve? Can this project be replicated in other areas?

Documents demonstrating the existence of the organization for at least two years (we would welcome documents such as Registration and/or Incorporation papers, which provide such evidence).

4. My organization does not have some of the reports requested for in the application form. Can I still apply?

We would like you to submit all the necessary documents as per the requirement. However, special consideration may be given on a case-by-case basis. The applying organization will need to send a note stating reasons for not providing the particular document. We understand that some organizations may find themselves at different levels of growth, so we can work with you if you need assistance.

5. What is the assessment criteria for giving the Award?

The assessment criteria for giving the award can be broadly grouped into 4 categories:

Innovation: The public service project of the organization should offer an innovative approach to handling a particular set of issues. Asia Society's Asia 21 Fellows are interested in organizations engaged in projects which target a new beneficiary group or geographic area, introduce an innovative technology, delivery method, financing method or support process, or employ a new combination of existing processes or technologies.

Feasibility: The project of the organization should bring tangible outcomes to the community served. The model should have the potential to strengthen exponentially with the provision of additional human and financial resources. The organization should present clear mission and objectives, sound strategy and plan for program development and delivery, a plan for evaluating success and performance, and a plan for financial sustainability/growth.

Measurability: The initiative should have a quantifiable impact on the target population. Project results should be clearly articulated and referenced by appropriate measurement criteria.

Sustainability and Growth Potential: The organization should demonstrate a track record or relevant experience in the field of their project. The initiative should display a capacity to reach additional beneficiaries and be replicated. The organization must have a track record of at least two years.

6. When is the award going to be decided and what are the deadlines of which I should be aware?

Call for Nominations: June 15 - August 31, 2009 (please note deadline extension)

All proposals for the Asia 21 2009 PSA should be submitted by email to the Jury Administrator by August 31, 2009, 12:00 midnight ET.

Review of proposals and the selection of Top 10 nominees: September 2009.

Announcement of the Top Three nominees on the Asia Society website: September 2009.

The Top Three contenders are notified of the results of the Asia 21 2009 PSA: October 19, 2009.

Asia21 2009 PSA Presentation Ceremony at the Asia Society's 2009 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur: November 21, 2009.

7. Why is it important for the organization that I nominate to be able to communicate with Asia Society Asia 21 in English?

Avery important component of the Award is access to the Asia 21 Fellows' network for program development and mentoring. To ensure that the award-winning organization gets the most out of their experience through this exchange English proficiency is a requirement. Possible areas of assistance from the 2009 Fellows include:
  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Public-Private Collaboration
  3. Capacity Building and Training
  4. Resource Mobilization
  5. Grassroots and Community Project Planning
  6. Program Development and Management
  7. Fundraising and Donor Outreach
  8. Grant Monitoring/Fund Management
  9. Corporate Partnership Cultivation
  10. Media Relations and Communications
  11. Project Scale-Up and Replication
  12. IT Consultation
  13. Business Development
  14. Financial Viability
  15. Legal Services

8. Is the award only for organizations or can individuals also apply?

This award is only for organizations that have been founded at least two years prior to being considered for the award.

9. Can I nominate my own organization if I work at a public service organization?

If you are a past Asia 21 Fellow or Delegate, you are also encouraged to nominate your own organizations.

10. Who should I contact if I have more questions about the Public Service Award?

For further queries please e-mail us at: [email protected]