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16 March
The celebration — which included music, dance, and crafts — drew over 500 people to Asia Society on Saturday.
14 March
Mieko Mintz's clothing designs blend her own Japanese culture with her adopted South Asian culture.
11 March
Separate programs brought political journalists, disaster survivors, and a T.V. personality to New York last week.
10 March
Husband and wife artists Lisa Holt-Hodson and Jacob Hodson say that the craft is way to share her heritage with each other and the world.
10 March
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25 February
The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and New York Review of Books have published glowing reviews of the museum's spring exhibition, which runs through May 8.
22 February
Asia Society's exhibition, part of the Season of Japan, will be on display through May 8.
12 February
U.S. Ambassador to Japan Kennedy donned a kimono and joined the Japanese ambassador at the start of Asia Society New York's Kamakura exhibit.
9 February
The origami teachers Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander discuss their passion in an interview with Asia Society.
5 February
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with food, family, and other festive activities.